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Have you ever wondered about the direction in which our future is headed? Do you ever spend time pondering what life might be like twenty, thirty, or forty years from now? Are you interested in scientific and technological advances? If you answered yes to any of those questions (and the majority of sane individuals should have), then this is a blog you will find absolutely intriguing. Technology and science are changing (and supposedly improving) at an exponential rate. For better or for worse, this is going to affect the current and future inhabitants of our planet. What was thought to be impossible only several years ago is now becoming reality. For all we know, the world we know will become a faded memory—a relic of a past age by the time the youth of today have progressed into their late adulthood.

Debate the merit and possible implications of these inventions, breakthroughs, events, and technologies with others who have their own unique and original insights. Feel free to challenge yourself, question your beliefs, and challenge the beliefs of others. Share your opinion and take into consideration the viewpoints of others. Collaborate. Discover. Should you find additional or new information on a topic of possible significance, mention it. Include your sources so that others may continue to investigate these phenomena.

Make sure that the truth is out there, as accessible as possible to the public.

So read on.

Discover the truth.

Discover the future.

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